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EU funding for transport infrastructure

Page 3_Appel à projets.jpgThe Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) for Transport is a funding instrument from the European Union and aims to cofinance the realisation of the Trans-European Transport Network.

CEF Transport Blending call for proposals 2017

The CEF Transport Blending call has been published in February 2017 and is open to Belgium.

The CEF Transport Blending call would follow these principles :

  • The total eligible costs of the Action shall be in excess of EUR 10 million; except for proposals submitted under the priority Innovation and new technologies, for which the total eligible costs of the Action shall be in excess of EUR 5 million.
  • A proposal submitted under this call must address works ONLY
  • A proposal submitted under this call must combine CEF grants with other financing instruments from public or private financing institutions
  • Co-funding rates are ranging from 20% of up to 40% of the total eligible costs. For Actions aiming at removing bottlenecks or Actions with cross-border impact, the finance agreement must at least be equivalent to the value of the CEF grant awarded
  • Costs will be eligible until 2023 at the latest

Important procedures to be followed:

  • Application submitted for grant from CEF Transport Blending call must be accompanied by a letter of support from BEI or private financing institutions evidencing the financial readiness of the Action 
  • If the application is approved, a grant agreement will be made between project promoter / partners and INEA / DG MOVE - CE ;
  • Full financial close for the entire financing is required within 12 months from the date of the signature of the grant agreement.

Project proponents located in Wallonia can submit their applications for the following grant envelopes:

tableau appel à projets anglais 2017.jpg

How to submit your project ?

Conditions for submitting an application:

The conditions for submitting an application are available on the following websites:

The "International Affairs " Unit from the DPVNI has edited a document containing the main information for submitting an application in the framework of the CEF Transport Blending call for proposals 2017. Download here the document (in French).

The procedure to be followed in Wallonia :

Applications for CEF-Transport should be approved by the concerned Member States before being submitted to the European Commission.

Attention: all partners of the project must get the approval of the Walloon Government. Thus, the form A2.3 has to be signed by the Minister for each entity located in the Walloon Region.

All MIE projects implemented in Wallonia required the approval of the Walloon Government.  

The deadlines to submit the application are essential.  

The most important dates are:

  • At the latest on June 9th 2017 (first cut-off) or March 2nd 2018 (second cut-off), please address to SPW:  
    • a full description of your project
    • a description of each activity with a budget by activity and key steps
  • At the latest June 9th 2017 (first cut-off) or March 2nd 2018 (second cut-off) (indicative date), please contact the competent Walloon authorities to make the following requests if needed :  
  • Environnemental Impact Assessment (EIA) Directive
  • EU Habitats Directive 2000
  • Water Framework Directive

Download here the list of the competent Walloon authorities.

Attention: Compliance with European legislation is a precondition for the signature of your application by the Minister. Please contact the competent authorities well beforehand for obtaining the different mandatory certificates.

  • At the latest on June 23rd 2017 (first cut-off) or on March 16th 2018 (second cut-off) (mandatory date) : submission of the complete application to the « International Affairs » Unit for revision and submission to the Minister’s signature. ATTENTION NO APPLICATION WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THIS DATE.
  • At the latest on July 14th 2017 (first cut-off) or on March 16th 2018 (second cut-off) (mandatory date) : submission of the complete application to the European Commission – INEA.

Points of attention :

  • If the scope of a project concerns more than one country, all countries concerned by the project are required to validate and signed the application. The dates mentioned below apply for the Walloon region but deadlines can differ from one public service to another. Please contact as soon as possible the different public services of the involved countries
  • The final decision for the approval of the application is taken by the Minister Prévot, in charge of public works
  • The « International Affairs » Unit cannot guarantee the signature of the application by the Minister if the deadlines are not been respected
  • The Mobility and Transport FPS manages directly the following calls of proposals :
    • applications concerning railway network and transport (including ERTMS)  
    • applications concerning aviation (including ATM and SESAR) 
    • applications concerning innovation and greening of transports involving several Belgian regions

And then ?

A list of projects that will be recommended for funding will be made available in January 2018 (first cut-off) or in September 2018 (second cut-off) (indicative date).

General information :

For more specific questions, please contact one of the representatives : 

Representatives of the Walloon region :


Representatives of the Flemish region :

  • Pim Bonne, Advisor (Projects concerning harbours, inland waterways and maritime transport),, +32 2 553 62 51.

Internet website :


Representatives of the Federal Public Services :

Internet website :




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