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EU funding for transport infrastructure

Page 3_Appel à projets.jpgThe Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) for Transport is a funding instrument from the European Union and aims to cofinance the realisation of the Trans-European Transport Network.

CEF Transport call for proposals 2019 - reflow

The CEF Transport call 2019-reflow(general envelope) has been published the 16 october 2020 and is open to Walloon applicants until 26 february 2020.
The call is divided in several parts:

  • Priority 1 (500 million)  : Pre-identified projects on the Core Network.
  • Priority 2 (20 million) : Safe and secure infrastructure, including safe and secure parking on the road core network
  • Priority 3 (20 million): Intelligent Transport Services for road (ITS).
  • Priority 4 (20 million) : Single European Sky - SESAR.
  • Priority 5 (110 million) : Actions implementing transport infrastructure in nodes of the core network, including urban nodes (passengers transport).
  • Priority 6 (30 million) : Motorways of the Sea.
  • Priority 7 (50million) : ERTMS.

This call would follow these principles :

  • Proposed Actions should be ready to start, at the latest, within six months after the closure of the call
  • A proposal submitted under this call can address works or studies (but action combining both work and studies)
  • Co-funding rates are ranging from 20% of up to 40% of the total eligible costs for works and 50% for studies.
  • Costs will be eligible until 31 december 2023 at the latest.
  • Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit applications for actions with a total eligible costs of no less than 500,000€ for studies and no less than 1,000,000€ for works (except for priority 2 where the amount recommended is minimum 500.000€


Conditions for submitting an application:

The conditions for submitting an application are available on the following website: : 2018 CEF Transport call for proposals


The procedure to be followed in Wallonia :

Applications for CEF-Transport should be approved by the concerned Member States before being submitted to the European Commission.

Consequently, all MIE projects implemented in Wallonia required the approval of the Walloon Minister in charge of transport infrastructures.  

The “International Affairs Unit » from the SPW Mobility and infrastructures handle the follow-up of those requests for approval.

In order to process those requests a full description of your project (including budget by activity and key steps) and the declarations required by directives « Habitats », « Birds », « EIA » and  “Water Framework” must be send at the latest on 29 january 2020 to the “International Affairs Unit » by email.


Only actions in conformity with EU law and which are in line with the relevant EU policies shall be financed. Therefore, it is required, in some cases, to request one or more declaration(s) of the Walloon Public Service.

  • For requirements related to directives « Habitats » (92/43/EC), « Birds » (2009/147/EC) and « EIA » (85/337/EEC), the department in charge is « Département de la Nature et des Forêts” (DG03).
  • For requirements related to “Water Framework” directive the department in charge is “Département de l’Environnement” (DG03).

Contacts details of the services mentioned above are available in this document : List of the competent Walloon authorities.

Points of attention :

  • If the scope of a project concerns more than one country, all countries concerned by the project are required to validate and signed the application. The dates mentioned below apply for the Walloon region but deadlines can differ from one public service to another. Please contact as soon as possible the different public services of the involved countries.
  • The final decision for the approval of the application is taken by the Walloon Minister in charge of transport infrastructures.
  • The Mobility and Transport FPS manages directly the following calls of proposals :
    • applications concerning railway network and transport (including ERTMS)
    • applications concerning innovation and greening of transports involving several Belgian regions in close collaboration with regions.

And then ?

A list of projects that will be recommended for funding will be made available at the end of july 2020 (indicative date).

General information :



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